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COSA Convention CDs

These are recordings from the annual COSA International Conventions. They have not been edited or reviewed for sound quality or content. You may also visit our online store to purchase COSA recordings.

Many of our audio tapes have been corrupted. HELP US RESTORE OUR TAPE LIBRARY! If you have any of the following tapes that are noted as ** Currently Unavailable and are willing to let ISO borrow them to convert them to CD, please contact In exchange for your help, we'll send you the same recording on CD.

1995 - Ann Arbor

95-1Coming Home to Yourself - Personal sharing of incest /inner child work.
95-2Reclaiming Our Senses - Learning to draw from & experience all our senses.
** Currently Unavailable - Please see bottom of page for more info.
95-4To Be or Not To Be - Afraid to be sexual, afraid not to be sexual.
95-5Forgiveness - How one member learned to forgive and continue to use recovery tools.
95-6My Recovery - Four years COSA, eight years AA recovery; a pain filled story.
95-7"COSA Meeting Format" Four states share their meeting procedures and guidelines.
95-8Sponsorship Procedures & Guidelines: How to sponsor & pick a sponsor.
95-9Couples in Recovery - Focused recovery individually and as a couple.
95-10Retreats - Retreat experiences and importance of retreats as part of recovery.
95-131995 Convention Welcome, Keynote speakers - May B. & Steve L., as well as the songs & music written by convention participants.
95-141995 Saturday Convention Banquet - Doris G. & Marilyn F. A must for your recovery library.
95-151995 Sunday Convention Banquet - Maureen O., introduced to her codependency through her son's sexual addiction, stayed with her process of recovery to learn she too was sexually addicted.
95-161995 Closing Ceremonies - Speakers Arnold D of SAA & Ila D of COSA

1996 - Minneapolis

96-11996 Convention Keynote Speaker - Jennifer S.
96-2Beginnings of COSA & Ongoing Recovery - Marie B., Jean, Patti & Mary K. tell about the beginnings of COSA, how it grew from living rooms to an international fellowship, and how their programs have changed with time.
96-3Talking with Family about Sexual Recovery - Mary, MN shares her experiences and thoughts on this topic.
96-4Couple's Communication - Lake Nokomis couples tell of trying to improve their communication and build a recovery community.
** Currently Unavailable - Please see bottom of page for more info.
96-5Recovery and the Internet - Benefits and potential problems the internet brings to recovery programs.
** Currently Unavailable - Please see bottom of page for more info.
96-6COSA Stories - Kathleen, Dee & Julianna share rich stories of what brought and kept them into the COSA recovery community.
96-7Celibacy-A Couple's Experience - Ila and Arnold D. share their experiences with celibacy as part of their recovery.
96-8Pairing Off in the Program - Jeremy shares his thoughts on how and why people in fellowships like COSA & SAA choose each other.
96-9Finding Support Where No Group Meets - Find out the creative ways Steve-KS, Georgia-NV, & Pris- WV have discovered to work a COSA program without nearby COSA groups. Also Ila D. speaks of long-distance sponsor/sponsoree relationships.
** Currently Unavailable - Please see bottom of page for more info.
96-10Couples in Recovery - Minneapolis couples share their experiences of recovering together.
96-111996 Convention Keynote Speaker - Barb C.
96-121996 Convention Keynote Speaker - Bill Y.

1997 - Houston

97-1Courage to Recover After Pain - Sharon G. & Jo Katherine D. share about overcoming obstacles and pursuing dreams after divorce.
97-2Deep in the Heart - Woman to Woman - Sally B. helps participants embrace co-sex addiction to create the possibility for powerful female friendships. Includes the group activity and discussions.
** Currently Unavailable - Please see bottom of page for more info.
97-3Courage to Be - Using the 12 Steps - Ila D. talks about using the Steps in all areas of life.
97-4Courage to Follow my Spiritual Path - Barb C. shares her experience and leads a guided meditation.
97-5Courage to Give It Away So I Can Keep It - Charlotte S. shares about service work and how it affects her recovery.
97-6Courage to Break the Silence - Robin R. & Marjorie K. tell their COSA stories.
97-71997 COSA/SAA Opening Ceremony, Keynote Speakers - Lisa Mc (COSA) & Nan E. (SAA)
97-81997 COSA Luncheon, Keynote Speaker - Katy B.
97-91997 COSA Closing Ceremony, Keynote Speaker - Robyn M.

1998 - Hampton

98-11998 COSA Convention Friday Opening, Keynote Speaker - Kathy D.
98-21998 COSA Convention Saturday Banquet, Keynote Speaker - Ila D.
98-31998 COSA Convention Sunday Lunch, Keynote Speaker - Rozanne W.
98-41998 COSA Convention Monday Brunch, Keynote Speaker - Ruth B.
98-5Steps 1, 2 & 3 - Burnet O.
98-6Steps 4 & 5 - Barb C.
98-7Steps 6 & 7 - Panel Discussion
98-8Steps 8, 9 & 10 - Panel Discussion
98-9Steps 11 & 12 - Ila & Jewell
** Currently Unavailable - Please see bottom of page for more info.
98-10Living Without & Living With a Sex Addict - Bonnie & Bernie
98-11A Couple's Story - Jan W. & Paul W. talk about 37 years of marriage (including 10 years in recovery)
98-12Forgiveness - Barb C. shares her experience

1999 - Chicago

99-11999 COSA Gathering Personal Story - M.W. shares experience, strength and hope.
** Currently Unavailable - Please see bottom of page for more info.

2002 - San Francisco

02-12002 COSA Convention Saturday Banquet - Keynote Speaker - Dan O.

2003 - Portland

03-1Addiction and Codependency: Two Sides of the Same Coin? - JoAn D. & Eben E.
** Currently Unavailable - Please see bottom of page for more info.
03-2Fear - Name our fears, discuss how to overcome them. - Ila D. & Donna J.
03-3The 2nd Step in COSA - Mavis H.
03-4How to Start a COSA Meeting - Charlie E. & Stacy H.
03-5Food Issues and COSA Recovery - Gayle J.
** Currently Unavailable - Please see bottom of page for more info.

2004 - Dallas

04-1COSA/SAA Story and Banquet - Gwen W.
04-3What Are Your Circles: COSA Bottom Lines - Jamie H.
** Currently Unavailable - Please see bottom of page for more info.
04-4Reclaiming our Sacred Sexuality - Margaret C.
04-5Working with Others: Sponsorship - Julie M.

2005 - New Orleans

05-1New Orleans Opening Speaker - Randy S.'s COSA Story
05-2Getting Beyond the Mask: 4th & 5th Steps - Dawn D.
05-3Support for Double Winners - Carol Ann
05-4Boundaries - Joanne B.
05-5Unmasking the Traditions - Beth, Christi and Ila
05-6Men in COSA: Recovery in Diversity - Joey Z, Randy S, DM S. & JoAn D.
05-7Co-Sponsorship: Lessons Learned - Kerry M.
05-8Closing Session: Identifying & Taking Off My Masks - Dawn D.
** Currently Unavailable - Please see bottom of page for more info.
05-9COSA Speaker for combined banquet - Kerry M

2006 - Indianapolis

06-1Voices of Growth: Enhance your program with telemeetings - Kerry M & Alessandro
06-2Closing the Black Holes for Enhanced Healing - Ila D, Jenny E, Joey Z
06-3For Free, For Fun - Emilah D.
06-4I Can't. God Can. Drop It In!! - JoAn D
06-5COSA Speaker for combined banquet - JoAn D.

2007 - Minneapolis

07-1Opening Session - Ale's COSA Story
07-2What Does Sobriety Mean To Me? - Kerry M.
07-3How Will I Know I Am Ready To Sponsor? - Kerry M.
07-4How To Start & Build a Successful Telemeeting - Kerry M. & Ale
07-5COSA Speaker for combined banquet - Emilah D.
07-6Working the Steps in COSA: Boundaries & Accountability - Mavis B.
07-7Balancing Service and Sobriety - Emilah D.
07-8Healing & Growing Together: Couples in Recovery - Tyler & Michele
07-9What My Recovery Means To Me - Deborra S.

2008 - Seattle

08-12008 COSA Opening Session - Speaker: Connie P.
08-2Sponsor/Co-Sponsor Workshop - Panel Moderator: DM S.
08-3Step 4 & 5 Workshop: Navigating Your Moral Inventory - Alessandro B. & Kerry M.
08-4Step 6 & 7 Workshop - Panel Moderator: Sue D.
08-5Step 8 & 9 Workshop: Working Through Forgiveness and Making Amends - Albert A.
08-6Do Telemeetings Really Work? - Panel Moderators: Alessandro B. & Kerry M.
08-7The Dictionary as a Recovery Tool - Sarah S.
08-8COSA/SAA Joint Banquet - COSA Speakers: Ila D. & Gayle D.
08-9Step 2 & 3 Workshop: Creating Your God Pouch - Presenter: Lura Lisa W.
08-10Step 8 & 9 Workshop: The Amends Process: How It Works & Feels - Presentation & Questions Presenters: Ila D. & Gayle D.
08-112008 Sunday COSA Luncheon - COSA Speaker: Albert A.
08-12Working a Recovery Program When Your Partner is Not - Panel Moderator: Ruth G.
08-14Connecting with HP in Every Step - Panel Moderator: Sarah B.
08-15How to Start a Meeting - Presentation & Questions - Presenter: Kerstin H.
08-16Step 12 Workshop: Working All the Steps on a Problem - Presenter: Deborra S.
08-172008 Closing COSA Brunch - COSA Speaker: Margie S. / Closing Meditation: Joey Z.

2009 - Oakland

09-12009 COSA Opening Session - Eleanor S.'s Story
09-4Bringing Step 5 Alive in Your Life - Ila D.
09-8Clarity Begins with Steps 1,2,3 - Connie P. / Renee
09-9Parents of Teen Sex Addicts: A Challenging New Look at the Three C's - Carol Ann R.
09-10Recovery Preparedness Kit: Tools for when in a Crisis - Sarah S. & Ami
09-11Conscious Contact: Steps 3 and 11 - Dani N
09-12COSA/SAA Joint Banquet COSA Speaker: Eric S.'s COSA Story
09-162009 Sunday COSA Luncheon - COSA Speaker: Peg's COSA Story
09-202009 Closing COSA Brunch - COSA Speaker: Ann R's COSA Story

2010 - Albuquerque

10-12010 COSA Opening Session - Jaime S.'s Story
10-2First Things First
10-3Step One: Is the Wording Acceptable to You? - Georgia K.
10-4The 12th Step at Every Step - Finding a reason to believe - Ann R & Brian K.
10-5The Circles: How I define my own sobriety by using this tool. - Kerstin H.
10-6COSA/SAA Joint Banquet - Margo M. and Bob H.'s COSA Story
10-7COSA Luncheon SPEAKER: Elaine K.'s Story
10-8Brunch and Closing Ceremony - Reentry Workshop - Carol Ann R.
10-9Steps 2& 3: An Interactive Experience Workshop - Ann R. M.

2011 - Houston

11-1COSA/SAA Joint Banquet - Gayle J.'s COSA Story

2012 - Vancouver

12-1 2012 COSA Opening Session - Helene B.'s COSAStory
12-2Let's Start the Steps - Part 1 - Dani S.
12-3Writing for Recovery - Claudia M. & Betsy H.
12-4Safety in Open and Closed COSA meetings - Joey Z.
12-5More on the Steps - Part 2 - Dani S.
12-6Sponsors: Allies in Recovery - Lindy T.
12-7Healthy Boundaries for COSA Service - Kerry M.
12-8COSA/SAA Joint Banquet COSA Speaker - Claudia M.
12-9Let's Finish the Steps - Dani S.
12-10Retreat Planning Made Easier - Shannon T.
12-11Breaking the Shame Spiral - Maritza I. & Mila T.
12-12Working the Twelve Steps on a Problem - Judith M.
12-13Enjoying Life through Boundaries - Ila D.
12-14Fireside chat with COSA Sponsors on the Steps - Kerry M.
12-152012 Closing COSA Brunch - COSA Speaker: Linda P.

2013 - Summerlin

13-12013 COSA Opening Session - Georgia
13-2Tools and Triggers - Joey Z.
13-3COSA’s Secret Side: The Twelve Concepts - Dani S.
13-4Boundaries: COSA Perspectives - Linda P.
13-5Joy in the Journey-Two Recovery Stories - Claudia M. and Joey Z.
13-6The Fourth Tradition: Boundaries and Relationships - Sarah S.
13-7Men’s Issues in COSA/Codependency - Rob E.
13-8Strengthening Your Core: Using the Program in All Areas of Our Lives - Dani S.
13-9COSA/SAA Joint Banquet COSA Speaker - Betsy H.
13-10COSA Circles: A Simple Approach - Joey Z.
13-11Living Trigger-Free - Dani S.
13-12Ready to Sponsor? Ready to Sponsor! - Annie S.
13-13My Recovery Plan:Tools to Maintain Sobriety - Rob E.
13-152013 Sunday COSA Luncheon - COSA Speaker: Sarah S.
13-162013 Closing COSA Brunch - COSA Speaker: Amy E.

2014 - Los Angeles

14-12014 COSA Opening Session - Rob E.
14-2The Serenity Prayer as a Guide to Step Work - Kerry M.
14-3Sobriety Action Planning Using the Circles* - Eleanor S.
14-4Creating Healthy Sexuality in Recovery - Julie
14-5Emotional Reality: How identifying, experiencing, and managing our emotional selves affects recovery - Rob E.
14-6Maintaining Serenity: Living with A Non-Recovering Addict/Co-Addict - Debra G.
14-7Construyendo Limites y No Paredes - Maritza I.
14-8Saturday Luncheon Speaker - Jennifer C.
14-9The Key to Serenity: Deepening Our Recovery on a Daily Basis - Panel of COSAs
14-10Living Without Triggers - Dani S.
14-11Riding the Recovery Wave: the Twelve Steps Through a Relationship Conflict – Part 1 - Albert A.
14-12Voces de COSA - Suyapa
14-13Adult Children of Sex Addicts: Breaking the Cycle - Debra G.
14-14Recovery…In Writing! - Betsy and Amy E.
14-15Riding the Recovery Wave: the Twelve Steps Through a Relationship Conflict – Part 2 - Albert A.
14-16COSA Voices - Panel of COSAs
14-17COSA/SAA Joint Banquet Speaker - Sarah B.
14-18Romantic Relationships and Recovery: Building Healthy Intimacy - Rob E. and Amy E.
14-19Finding Freedom with the Circles* - Betsy
14-20What Are We Doing Here?! (Carrying the Message) - Dani S.
14-21Becoming Whole as Individuals, A Couple's Recovery Journey - Stephanie H. and John H.
14-23Sponsors in Short Supply? Consider Co-Sponsoring - Panel of COSAs
14-24What is a Double-Winner and Am I One? - Sara P.
14-25The Heart of Recovery: The Sponsoring Relationship - Linda P.
14-26The Give-It-To-God Box: Decorate Your Own God Box and Learn to Use It! - Sue W. and Sarah S.
14-27COSA Service! - Get Involved and Make New Friends for Life! - Wendy W.
14-28Sexual Sobriety in Recovery: Discovering and Developing our Authentic Sexuality - Amy E.
14-29Sunday COSA Banquet - Speakers Annie G.S. and Dani S.