Online COSA Meetings

There are many online COSA meetings, via e-mail, web-based message board, and chat rooms.
The three below can each be accessed by both e-mail and the web. To find out about COSA's many meetings in chat rooms, join COSA 12 STEP, which announces them regularly; they have chosen not to be listed on the COSA website.

  • COSA Twelve Step Online (ONL-03) (02/2018) is a Yahoo Group for COSA members. COSA Twelve Step Online is an announcement board that supports the online meetings that are held throughout the week in real time. Its main purpose is to help isolated COSAs connect, to support our online meetings, and to offer additional meeting resources to COSA members.

  • COSA Solution (ONL-04) (Updated 10/14) is another online group. It is open to anyone with any interest in COSA; you do not have to identify as a COSA member to join. This group features weekly readings about the Steps, Traditions, and Concepts, with the idea that we focus our shares on how we are each working our program. Weekends, however, are set aside for fellowship: regular old talking about anything, and especially for welcoming newcomers. Membership is moderated to avoid spam, but anyone with an interest in COSA can join.

  • COSA Zoom Recovery meetings are live F2F (face-to-face) online recovery-focused meetings for those who have no local F2F meetings, or those who wish to step up their recovery meeting attendance. Access is simple; just click on the web link and enter the meeting room number. The website for our meeting schedule and other info is
    • Sunday Serenity (ONL-06) (11/2017)
    • Monday BALANCE (ONL-09) (10/2017)
    • Tuesday's Living the Literature (ONL-07) (10/2017)
    • Wednesday Night Warriors (ONL-10) (10/2017)
    • Thursday's Safe Haven (ONL-08) (10/2017)