2020 MP3 Collection

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Here is the entire mp3 collection for the 2020 Virtual Convention!

  • 2020-01 Welcome: Chris C. and Opening Speaker: Tamiko
  • 2020-02 Practicing Steps One thru Three in our Daily Lives
  • 2020-03 I’m Triggered! What Now?
  • 2020-04 Tradition Five: Our Primary Purpose
  • 2020-05 Eleventh Step Discussion & Meditation
  • 2020-06 Gratitude What You Can Change About the Things You Can’t
  • 2020-07 Sponsor / Sponsee / Co-Sponsor Connection
  • 2020-08 Closing Speaker Kerstin H.; Send Off Sandy S.
  • 2020-09 Closing Fellowship

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As with all COSA products, audio recordings of convention speakers and workshops are under copyright owned by the ISO of COSA, Inc. Therefore, please do not duplicate or forward the recordings for use by others. (