2023-1-06 The Role of HIR Meetings in Our Relationship Recovery (MP3)


HIR, or Healthy Intimate Relationships, is a style of COSA* meeting that is open to both COSAs and sex addicts. In HIR meetings, we focus on improving our capacity for love and emotional intimacy in our primary love relationships by applying the tools of the Twelve Steps. Hear from a panel of several experienced COSA and sex addict couples about how their participation in HIR meetings has aided them on their relationship recovery journeys. *HIR meetings are also held by SAA, and details for those can be found on the SAA website. Amy, Addison S., Nancy, Art, Anya, and Eduardo lead this workshop. ***Special Copyright Notice*** As with all COSA products, audio recordings of convention speakers and workshops are under copyright owned by the ISO of COSA, Inc. Therefore, please do not duplicate or forward the recordings for use by others.