2021 Convention

28th Annual COSA Convention

May 28-31, 2021


The ISO Of COSA Invites You To Join In The Fun By Participating In The 2021 Virtual Convention Committee Or The Columbus Convention Committee!
COSA’s Virtual Convention Committee welcomes COSAs from around the globe to join the Virtual Convention Committee by filling one of several service opportunities now open for planning the 2021 Virtual Convention.  See list of positions in this document link:   2021 Convention Committee Positions  Collaborate with COSAs by planning an inspiring virtual recovery weekend for all of COSA.  Be creative and share your energy with other COSAs by supporting a recovery experience that will reach different world time zones!  The Virtual and Columbus Conventions will be connected through broadcasting some of the live events from Columbus to the Virtual Convention.  Please contact convention@cosa-recovery.org with any questions or if you are willing be a part of organizing this exciting weekend! 
The Convention Committee welcomes all COSAs to participate in the Columbus Convention.  Ideas are flowing and deadlines are on the horizon.  Jump in to share in the organizing, creating, and building of the 2021 Convention. Bring your energy, creativity, and ideas.  What Step would you like to share on?  What experience would you like to bring?  Give yourself the gift of enriching your recovery experience by being part of a Convention and watch your support network expand, learn how COSA works, and feel more connected by collaborating with COSAs from around the globe!  Please contact convention@cosa-recovery.org with any questions or if you are willing be a part of this amazing recovery weekend! 

Workshop Proposals and Speaker Nominations are open and available
for submission!  Please submit your proposals by November 20, 2020.

You are invited to submit a workshop proposal or speaker nomination by using the form links provided further down on this page.  If you feel inspired, inventive, creative, or would like to share your recovery experience with other COSAs, we welcome your ideas and look forward to receiving your proposal.  Please return your form by November 20, 2020.If you submitted a proposal for the 2020 Convention, you are welcome to re-submit it for the 2021 Convention.

The theme of the 2021 COSA Convention is Tradition Five: Each group has but one primary purpose—to carry its message to those who still suffer.  We do this by practicing the Twelve Steps ourselves.


Registration For The 2021 Columbus Convention Will Open On March 1, 2021
By March 1, 2021, the Convention Committee has to compile a summary of the 2021 program of events, including workshops, so this information can be available to Convention registrants.  You can support our effort In doing this by returning your workshop proposal or speaker nomination form by November 20, 2021.

We thank you for your awareness of this timeline, but most especially for your interest in being part of this inspiring weekend!

Downtown Hyatt in Columbus, Ohio

Dates & Events Offered
The Convention officially starts Friday evening, May 28, 2021, and ends Monday morning, May 31, 2021.
Delegate meeting: Thursday, May 27, 2021
Details: Friday evening Welcome & Reception
Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday Workshops, Panel Discussions, COSA 12 Step Meetings, fellowship
Saturday Luncheon with COSA speaker
Saturday evening SAA Banquet with COSA & SAA speakers
Sunday COSA Dinner with speakers
Hospitality Suite with snacks, beverages, all kinds of goodies, and fellowship
Quiet room open for COSA registrants daily/nightly
Access to the Virtual Convention for all Columbus attendees, lots of recovery, support, fellowship, new connections and more!

Time To Submit Your Proposal Or Nomination!
We are especially interested in workshops and activities that support the Convention’s theme of Tradition Five: Each group has but one primary purpose—to carry its message to those who still suffer. We do this by practicing the Twelve Steps ourselves.

Carrying the message in Columbus will offer dedicated Workshop Conference Rooms for the following varieties of Workshops:  

  • A Twelve Step Workshop Conference Room for workshops or panels on a Step or more than one Step.
  • A Twelve Tradition Workshop Conference Room for workshops or panels on a Tradition or more than one Tradition.
  • A Carrying the Message Workshop Conference Room for topics that convey the COSA message of recovery or the sharing of your personal experience of carrying the message.  This room opens many windows to workshop ideas and topics. Your thoughts and creativity are welcome.
  • An Open Topic Workshop Conference Room where COSAs may offer workshops or panels at various times over the weekend. This room will also serve as a live Broadcast room to the Virtual Convention where we will share a couple of live events with the COSA Virtual Convention.

Please click on the form links below to submit a workshop proposal or speaker nomination.
Workshop Form Link

Speaker Nomination Form Link

After November 20, 2020, the Convention Committee will carefully consider all nominations for speakers and workshops, and create a program of choices that will create an inspiring recovery weekend for all COSAs that are able to attend.

We appreciate your willingness to contribute toward this valuable recovery experience for everyone at the Convention.  Please send your questions or thoughts to programcommittee@cosa-recovery.org.

In gratitude for your service in carrying the message,

The 2021 Columbus Convention Committee