COSA Intergroups

A COSA Intergroup consists of one or more representatives from each COSA meeting in a particular geographic area. Intergroup representatives may meet once a month, once a quarter, or as needed. They can plan retreats and social events, help coordinate outreach and public information in their geographical area, handle business needs, and keep communication open between Groups. Minutes of Intergroup meetings are sent to each Group.

Central Florida Intergroup (FL-16)
(updated 07/2019)

Northern California Intergroup (CA-07)
(updated 06/2021)

Online Intergroup (ONL-05)
Contact: | cosazoomroom website
(updated 12/2021)

Phoenix Area COSA Intergroup (AZ-10)
(updated 01/2018)

So Cal COSA Intergroup (CA-36)
(updated 12/2018)

Swedish COSA Intergroup (INT-34)
Contact: |
(updated 06/2021)

Telemeeting Intergroup (TEL-08)
(updated 11/2017)

UK COSA Intergroup (INT-32)
Website: Contact:
updated 11/2022)