Phone Meetings: Donations

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By airway or communiqué, COSA support is only a connection away.

Picture your recovery without our COSA Telemeetings. Hard to image reclaiming your sanity without a safe place to call into, or friends that understand, or support in healing.

We can leave the isolation and uncertainty behind as gratitude prompts us to pick up the phone. Just a dial away – you connect with others who have walked the same path and who join in bringing comfort.

The Seventh Tradition states: Every COSA group out to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

With your contribution we can continue to keep our Telemeetings available. Unique in their concept, COSA Telemeetings offer additional connection for those already participating in face-to-face meetings, while providing the only link for those who do not.

While your Intergroup manages these Seventh Tradition Funds, this is a WE program and it is up to US to give Intergroup the reserves with which to provide convention scholarships, phone line availability, and website maintenance.

The Seventh Tradition provides financing so that we can practice the Twelfth Step by being here for those who still suffer.