Help for New and Growing Meetings

Sponsorship is an important part of our COSA recovery program. But individual COSAs are not the only ones who can use a sponsor. Meetings can benefit from a sponsor too.

Is your meeting new? Small? Struggling to become or remain self-sustaining? Isolated from other meetings or the larger fellowship?

A meeting sponsor may be able to help. Meeting sponsors can offer support and share experience, strength, and hope to keep meetings healthy.

Have you started a meeting or helped one grow? Do you like working with other COSAs? Are you familiar with the Steps and Traditions?

Consider volunteering to sponsor a meeting. This service need not be done in person, but can be done remotely over the phone and by e-mail.

We suggest that one person be selected from the meeting to be the contact person who reaches out to the meeting sponsor to seek support. Of course, meeting sponsors and meeting sponsees can alter the arrangement to suit their needs.

For sponsors, you might get questions like –How do we get newcomers to keep coming back? How do we hold a business meeting? No one will step up to take over as secretary – what do I do?

For meetings, there are no dumb questions. Starting a meeting can be a challenge. Supporting you will lead to a strong fellowship which will help us all.

If you are interested in finding a sponsor for your meeting, or if you can be of service as a sponsor, please e-mail A member of the International Service Organization of COSA’s Resource Development Committee will contact you.

Below are links to resources on the COSA website that will be useful as you start a meeting:

  • Free tools to help you spread the word
    • Outreach Convention Cards (5×7) – Can be used by local meetings to provide information on the convention for its members or can be used for community outreach. (We mail them to you free of charge.)
    • COSA business cards – can be used by individuals or local meetings to do outreach to medical professionals, therapists, etc. (We mail them to you free of charge.)
    • Sample Outreach Letter that you can customize by adding your own meeting information. (We email this to you; local meetings to their own printing.)
    • Flyer/Sign with information on the annual ISO of COSA Convention. (We email this to you; local meetings do their own printing.)
    • If you have questions or requests relating to the above materials, please email us at