Become a Delegate

    When your group participates in COSA as a whole, you help the ISO understand and serve your group’s needs. You share your experience, strength, and hope with other meetings. Your ability to apply the spiritual principles of the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, and Twelve Concepts deepens. You connect to all of COSA at the heart!

Register as a delegate for your COSA Meeting

What does a Year-round Delegate do? The chosen delegate:

      • Serves year round for a two-year term
      • Represents their home group’s group conscience at the Annual Delegate Meeting and throughout the year
      • Acts as a conduit for information between the ISO and their home group
      • Encourages written submissions to the COSA Literature Committee
      • Informs their home group about financial and service needs at the International level
      • Encourages all members to be generous with their time, talent, and treasure
      • Participates on an ISO working committee
      • Follows the COSA Delegate Checklist

The delegate your group chooses would ideally be the person your group thinks is best suited to represent them. We suggest that delegates be members who have attended at least six out of the group’s last ten meetings, are working the Steps with a sponsor or co-sponsor, and meet the basic requirements for all of their group’s other service positions.

Why register as a delegate for your COSA meeting?

      • We e-mail information to you and/or group from time to time, so that you will be part of COSA as a whole. These e-mails include announcements about new literature, materials for the annual convention, and other information for the good of our fellowship.
      • You and your meeting will receive a free subscription to Balance, COSA’s newsletter, by e-mail.
      • You participate in the Annual Delegate Meeting, so that your group can have a voice in decisions that affect COSA nationally and internationally.

This form will also allow you to register as a COSA group. If you are representing a COSA meeting that is either new or needs to update its information, please consult with the other members of your group or about what to put on the form.