Our fellowship needs your financial support. We reach inward to help ourselves, as well as outward to help those who are still suffering. We need to extend a helping hand toward our fellows. In recovery, we learn to carry the message instead of the addict!

Credit card fraud is a very real thing, and we take your data very seriously. So:

  1. We secure the connection between you and us to keep out prying eyes, ears, or electronic sensory organs.
  2. We relay your data to the credit card processor – again, over secure connections.
  3. And then … we don’t save it! (We no longer need it.) If anyone manages to break in, there’s nothing to steal.

Better for you. Better for us. Disappointing for thieves.

Accept Credit Cards
    • Discover
      Supported Credit Cards: Discover, MasterCard, Visa
  • Thank you for your gift!

    If you require an annual statement of donations for tax purposes, please contact the ISO of COSA office at