Literature in Development

The Literature Committee has been steadily working on the newest sections of our COSA basic text. This book will be a valuable resource for all, including newcomers. It will offer insights into the COSA Steps, Traditions, and Concepts, and will include a variety of tools and also COSA stories illustrating the miracles of recovery. In order to ensure the book accurately reflects the diversity of COSA perspectives, as well as our common understanding of the COSA program, we present draft chapters to the fellowship for feedback.

In response to the delegates’ request for more time to review chapters, we have three timeframes for chapter feedback by the Fellowship. In each timeframe, there will be between four and seven chapters for review:

● Group One: July 15-October 15
● Group Two: September 15-December 15
● Group Three: November 15-February 15

COSA’s Basic Text

Feedback on drafts (see guidelines)

Final drafts available now!

Click on the link below and scroll down to the left.

Please read through each draft and send us your comments and suggestions. It may also be supportive and helpful to review it with your meeting or group! We will consider all feedback received and final editing decisions will be made by the Literature Committee. We have included feedback guidelines below. Utilizing these feedback guidelines will allow us to apply the feedback received in an efficient manner.

After the feedback has been applied to these drafts, final revised versions will be posted on the COSA website for all fellowship members and delegates to review. These proposed chapters will then be voted on for approval by the delegates at the 2021 Annual Delegate Meeting.

  • Feedback or questions can be submitted to
  • Please try to get your feedback in as early as possible. You can submit feedback on one or a few chapters when you have it, and then later submit the rest. It helps us when feedback comes in at a steady rate instead of all at the end. If you can send some in one or two months before the deadline, that helps a lot. Even one week before the deadline is helpful.
  • We are so grateful for your collaboration as we work on making sure everyone’s voice is heard in the process of writing COSA’s basic text.
  • Please communicate your thoughts in a respectful manner.
  • Please reference a page and line number for each piece of feedback.
  • Please do not insert comments or suggestions into the document or into a copy of the document; instead, as requested above, please just reference the line number and then state your specific suggestions and comments. (See example)
  • Please do not submit a rewritten document [one that does not show the brief original text and identify what you’d like changed].
  • Please explain any changes you are suggesting. For example, “On page 2, line 34, I would like abc changed to def because xyz.” We want to ensure that when a change is made, it will produce the desired result. For more examples of feedback, see table above and written sentences below.
  • Types of feedback include grammar (spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, verb tense, etc.), content (principles and presentation of the Tradition, Concept or tool, paragraph structure and placement, flow, etc.), and overall opinion (please include your opinion on paragraphs or sections that you like or relate to as well as those you would like to see changed).

Examples of possible feedback in written form:

  • On Page 1, Line 28, please omit the phrase abc and substitute def because [e.g., it would be clearer and gentler.] So it would read ‘__ def ___.’
  • On Page 2, Line 48, please insert the phrase “___” between the words “___” and “___” because I feel it is clearer and more specific [or whatever your reason is]. So it would read “___ ___ ___.”
  • On Page 3, Line 68, please insert the following sentence because I feel this is an important and relevant idea which fits well here and which is not found elsewhere in this document. Sentence to be inserted between the words “___.” and “The….”: _____________. So it would read “___. ___________. The….”
Line # Omit Add Because So it would read
28 The phrase ABC def It would be clearer and gentler “__def__”
48 also It would be clearer and more specific. “__also__”
68 This is just an example. This is an important and relevant ideawhich is not found elsewhere. “__This is just an example.__”