Register/Update a COSA Meeting

Register a COSA Meeting

Why register your COSA meeting?

  • We help newcomers get in touch with you and find your meeting.
  • We e-mail information to your group from time to time, so that you will be part of COSA as a whole. These e-mails include announcements about new literature, materials for the annual convention, and other information for the good of our fellowship.
  • Your meeting will receive a free subscription to Balance, COSA’s newsletter, by e-mail.
  • You may send a delegate to participate in the Annual Delegate Meeting, so that your group can have a voice in decisions that affect COSA nationally and internationally.

Eligibility requirements:

  • To be eligible for membership in the ISO of COSA, your group may not have any other affiliation, and be focused on those whose lives have been affected by compulsive sexual behavior.
  • In order to receive most of these services, groups must include a group e-mail address (e.g. that is monitored by local trusted servants.
  • In an effort to ensure that we have only active groups listed, each group is required to renew its registration annually. Groups that fail to do so may be removed from the website.

If you are representing a COSA meeting that is either new or needs to update its information, please consult with the other members of your group about what to put on the form. If you are a brand new meeting, a New Meeting Starter Pack is now available for COSA members who are starting a new registered meeting online, in-person, or hybrid. Please indicate on form you would like to receive the New Meeting Starter Pack.

Funds are also available for COSA groups or members who want to share COSA information in person or by distributing literature.

Are you planning a COSA retreat, activity, or outreach event? Are you starting a new meeting? The ISO Outreach Committee is thrilled to offer both grants and scholarships to support COSA events and their attendees.For more information, visit webpage Outreach Scholarship and Grants, download the applicable pdf form; complete the form and send completed form to

If you are an individual in an area where there are no meetings, and you are willing to commit to starting a meeting, the form below will allow you to register as a COSA group. If anyone else in your area is looking for support, he or she can be referred to you for starting a new group. If you would like to know about others in your area, with whom you can discuss the possibility of starting a group, you are encouraged to register as an Individual. Any additional questions, comments and feedback, contact