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31st Annual Houston COSA Step Retreat (TX-18)

Round Top, Texas

You’re invited to gather at the big house in Round Top, Texas, to share the experience, strength and hope of the Twelve Steps in a safe, nurturing, and welcoming space for a weekend. Enjoy and benefit from the beautiful, serene, and peaceful environment of the retreat location, as well as the company of other COSA’s on the path of recovery. COSAs only, Co-ed.


Thursday “Let’s Work It” STEP STUDY (ONL-15)

This online STEP MEETING is starting on Step One and for COSAs who are affected by another person's compulsive sexual behavior
8:30 PM US Eastern, CAN, Trinidad/Tobago / 7:30 PM US Central / 6:30 PM US Mountain / 5:30 PM US Pacific / 1:30 PM (next day/Friday) Wellington, NZST  / 10:30 AM (next day/Friday) Sydney, AEST


Daily Eleventh Step Meeting (TEL-11)

Note: You do not have to have worked the first ten Steps to attend this meeting.
12:00 Midnight Eastern / 11:00 pm Central / 10:00 pm Mountain / 9:00 pm Pacific


Daily Tenth Step Meeting (TEL-12)

Note: You do not have to have worked the first nine Steps to attend this meeting.
3:00 pm Eastern / 2:00 pm Central / 1:00 pm Mountain / 12:00 Noon Pacific


East Bay Sunday COSA Meeting (CA-33)

* As of 3/15/2020 - please note that this meeting will temporarily be held remotely by Zoom, rather than in-person. Please email for Zoom information.

Houston – West Side: Sunday Night (TX-22 & ONL-57)

*Please text a contact person for meeting status

Women Only ***Please text a contact person if within the USA and for international send an email to for Zoom information.
7:00 pm Eastern US, CAN / 6:00 pm CENTRAL / 5:00 pm Mountain / 4:00 pm Pacific


Saginaw COSA (MI-04)

Mt. Morris, MI

6pm from Nov-April 1, 6:30pm April to Nov 1 Call for directions to meeting location


Sunday Serenity Topic Meeting (ONL-06)

Join us to start your new week with shares of ESH (experience strength hope) on recovery-focused topics.
7:30 pm Eastern US, CAN / 6:30 pm Central / 5:30 pm Mountain / 4:30 pm Pacific / 12:30 am BST (next day/Monday) / 12:30 pm Wellington, NZST (next day/Monday) / 9:30 am Sydney, AEST (next day/Monday)


Daily Meditation Mini-Meeting (ONL-43)

*This meeting meets via ZOOM.

This mini-meditation meeting is 20-minutes long.

10:00 pm Pacific / 11:00 pm US Mountain / 12:00 midnight Central / 1:00 am Eastern, CAN / 6:00 am BST / 7:00 am SAST / 6:00 pm Wellington NZST / 3:00 pm Sydney AEST


Monday Morning COSA Zoom Meeting (ONL-30 & INT-30)

United Kingdom social distancing response group
11:00 am BST / 12:00 pm noon SAST / 1:00 pm Helsinki, Finland / 6:00 am Eastern US, CAN, Trinidad, Tobago / 5:00 am Central / 4:00 am Mountain / 3:00 am Pacific / 11:00 pm Wellington, NZST / 8:00 pm Sydney, AEST


MP3 Meeting (ONL-45)

This hour and a half meeting broadcasts Mp3s from the COSA convention archives with shares after conclusion of the broadcast.

11:30 am Eastern, CAN, Trinidad/Tobago / 10:30 am Central / 9:30 am Mountain / 8:30 am Pacific / 4:30 pm BST / 5:30 pm SAST


Healthy Intimate Relationships in Redwood City (HIR) (CA-47)

Redwood City Womans Club

HIR (or Healthy Intimate Relationships) is a style of blended meeting in which both COSAs and sex addicts are welcome to participate fully, with or without partners. This is changing to a Step Study Meeting in October and moving to Tuesdays.


COSA South (WI-09)

*This meeting now meets via Zoom.

Madison, WI Step meeting social distancing response group meets in ZOOM. Please email for more information.


Madison COSA Online (ONL-42 & WI-09)

This meeting meets via zoom. Please contact for meeting information.

Madison, WI Step meeting social distancing response group open to all COSAs

5:30 pm Eastern US, CAN, Trinidad/Tobago / 4:30 pm Central / 3:30 pm Mountain / 2:30 pm Pacific / 1:30 pm BST / 10:30 am Wellington, NZST (next day/Tuesday) / 7:30 am Sydney, AEST (next day/Tuesday)


Thousand Cranes (AZ-01)

This meeting now meets via Zoom.

We currently hold all of our meetings virtually via Zoom.  Please contact us at or 520-344-2436 for more information and the Zoom login.


Monday ‘Finding Life in BALANCE’ (ONL-09)

Topics come from the “Balance” bi-monthly ISO COSA newsletter, which is full of insightful shares, articles and recovery tips that have been submitted by COSA members for over 25 years.
7:00 pm Eastern US, CAN, Trinidad, Tobago / 6:00 pm Central / 5:00 pm Mountain / 4:00 pm Pacific / 12:00 pm midnight BST / 12:00 pm Wellington, NZST (next day/Tuesday) / 9:00 am Sydney, AEST (next day/Tuesday)