2004 MP3 Collection


Here is the entire mp3 collection for the 2004 Convention in Dallas!

  • 2004-01 2004 Joint Banquet – Gwen W. (MP3)
  • 2004-02 Learning to Take Care of Me Inspite of My Core Beliefs (MP3)
  • 2004-03 What Are Your Circles: COSA Bottom Lines (MP3)
  • 2004-04 Reclaiming Sacred Sexuality (MP3)
  • 2004-05 Working with others: Sponsorship (MP3)

The Three Circles concept is © copyright 1991 Sex Addicts Anonymous. All rights reserved.

***Special Copyright Notice***

As with all COSA products, audio recordings of convention speakers and workshops are under copyright owned by the ISO of COSA, Inc. Therefore, please do not duplicate or forward the recordings for use by others. (