1997-07 1997 COSA/SAA Opening Ceremony – Lisa Mc (COSA) & Nan E. (SAA) (MP3)


In this talk, Lisa and Nan alternate telling their stories. Nan is an SAA member who has multiple addictive symptoms (sex addiction, codependency, workaholism, etc.). Through the program, he recognized that all of these symptoms are part of a spiritual disease. He explains the cycle his disease followed, and how he was able to break that cycle. Sponsorship is an important part of his recovery, and he explains various sponsor relationships. Lisa has a history of abandonment and was “co-addicted in every way”. She did not enjoy life and had a negative view of god. She describes how she came to the program and hated every aspect of it at first. However, she stuck with it. Through the program, she can see that life is worth living. She can see how god has been working to improve her life. A big part of her recovery has been to reconnect with her body, to heal spiritually and physically at the same time.

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