2018-13 Recovering Couples Panel (MP3)


Learn how four different couples came into recovery and how it works for them.

  • Alice and Bill met 32 years ago and have been married for 30 years. Alice has been in COSA three years. Bill has been in recovery for 26 years. Both have been in couples Twelve Step recovery as well and are committed to sponsees. Both acknowledge the struggle.
  • Chris & Joan have been married for 33 years and have been in recovery for 27 years, with a 9-year lapse in the middle. Chris has been in COSA for 13 years. Joan has been in two other fellowships. Both are working the Steps again in their individual programs and together in a coupleship program.
  • Jennie K. and Gerry have been together since high school and married for 33 years. Gerry has been in recovery for 13 years. Jennie started recovery in COSA in 2010. They are both working the Steps with sponsors and also have sponsees.
  • Uma and Johnny have been a committed couple since 2013 and are engaged to be married. Both have been in recovery for four years. Both are working the Steps with sponsors and Johnny just finished his Twelfth Step. They are gratefully and enthusiastically in recovery.

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