2024-1-01 2024 Winter Convention – Opening Speaker: Joey Z. (MP3)


Joey looked into COSA after “my partner mentioned I could use some support.” He attended his first COSA meeting in 2001. It was a women’s only meeting. After attending that meeting, Joey helped start a local co-ed COSA meeting in Baton Rouge. In 2004, he attended his first COSA Convention in Dallas. At that convention, he joined the NSO Board of COSA (which is now the ISO) to help with the next Convention scheduled for New Orleans in 2005. Joey served as Convention Co-Chair for his first year on the Board then Vice Chair for one year and then 4 years as Chair of the ISO Board. He was the first male Chair of the COSA Board. Joey says he was very honored to serve in that capacity. Joey has been back on the ISO Board a couple of times since his first tenure. He has served as Chair or Co-Chair for other COSA Convention Committees. He helped start the COSA men’s phone meeting. Joey has been on the Technology Committee from its beginning back in 2004. He enjoys service at the local and international level.

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